Return to Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

First Colony Foundation staff deployed at Fort Raleigh for six days in May 2017 to re-examine features originally identified by Jean C. Harrington in the mid-Twentieth Century and studied further by Ivor Noel Hume in 1991-92. Interpretation of this small area is believed to be a key to understanding the structure labeled the Science Center. An adjacent unit will be opened in October 2017, concurrent with the Historical Symposium that will take place in Manteo. Project Director Eric Deetz supervised and participated in the excavation while FCF board member Alastair Macdonald and two students from UNC Chapel Hill were the primary diggers and screeners. Assistance was provided by FCF friend Rob Bolling and FCF archaeologist Clay Swindell. Research leaders Nick Luccketti and Eric Klingelhofer were frequently available at the site for consultations.