Lost Colony: New Book Set for Launch at Pioneer Theater Event

Showcases Work of Renowned British Archaeologist at Fort Raleigh

MANTEO, April 2, 2024 — First Colony Foundation will launch a new book, Excavating Fort Raleigh, by the late Ivor Noel-Hume on his archaeological search for traces of Sir Walter Raleigh’s efforts to plant an English colony on Roanoke Island, with an event at the Pioneer Theater in Manteo on Saturday, April 6, at 4 p.m. Open to the public, the free, one-hour event will include a ceremonial presentation to the Park Service, brief remarks and background on the book, followed by a Q&A session and book signing.

“Noel-Hume was a giant in the world of 20th Century archaeology,” says Eric Klingelhofer, First Colony’s vice president for research. “His work stirred the public’s imagination, opening pathways of interest in the past, while his demand for accuracy and professionalism left us a sure foundation to build on, as we advance our knowledge of this vital period of America’s early history.”

Published by The History Press, Excavating Fort Raleigh is edited by former Colonial Williamsburg archaeologists Klingelhofer and Nicholas Luccketti, both of whom trained under Noel-Hume. Both also worked with him on his extensive 1991-1993 National Geographic-funded dig at Fort Raleigh. Noel-Hume’s milestone excavation there located a workshop where Elizabethan scientist Thomas Harriot analyzed North American natural resources and metallurgist Joachim Gans assayed ores for valuable metals.

Klingelhofer is Emeritus Professor of History at Mercer University, while Luccketti is president of the James River Institute for Archaeology. In 2003, they founded First Colony Foundation, which researches Sir Walter Raleigh’s New World colonies.

Excavating Fort Raleigh may be purchased at several local bookstores, including Downtown Books, in Manteo; Buxton Village Books, in Buxton; and Island Bookstore, with locations in Corolla, Duck (Scarborough Faire) and Kitty Hawk. Or pick up a copy at the event.

ABOUT FIRST COLONY: First Colony Foundation, formed in April 2003, is dedicated to conducting archaeological and historical research, combined with public education and interpretation, relating to the story of America’s beginnings with the attempts by Sir Walter Raleigh to establish English colonies at Roanoke Island in the 1580s under his charter from Queen Elizabeth I. For more information, visit firstcolonyfoundation.org

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