The ditch of Fort Raleigh was divided into 34 separate sectors in order to estimate the volume of the dirt removed and given a unique sector number. These sectors were classified based on their shape as either a trapezoidal prism sector, a corner sector, or a wedge sector. In order to obtain the minimum and maximum estimations, each sector was measured midpoint to midpoint. The Total volume was calculated by the following equation:

Total Volume of Dirt Removed = Volume Of Trapezodial Prism Sectors + Volume Of Corner Sectors + Volume Of Wedge Sectors.

Trapazoidal Sectors Corner Sectors Wedge Sectors Total
Minimum Estimate: 8537.76 994.96 848.9 10381.62 ft^3
Maximum Estimate: 10137 1596.5 935.5 12669 ft^3
Maximum – Minimum 2287.38