Dr. Duncan James

DR. DUNCAN JAMES, English Architectural Historian
Dr. Duncan James

Topic: Newly Discovered Elizabethan Carvings of New-World Indians

Bio: Dr. Duncan James, over the last 20 years, has been recording and analyzing a wide range of buildings in Herefordshire and the surrounding English counties, specializing in timber-framed structures of the medieval and pre-industrial periods.

‘Insight – Historic Buildings Research’ was established in 2002 as a partnership with his wife, Alison. Much of its work in the West Midlands involves the recording and analysis of listed buildings in advance of planning applications, but they have also undertaken architectural projects for the Victoria County History series.

James publishes his studies regularly in Vernacular Architecture and in local county historical journals, but attendees of this symposium may recognize more familiar territory in The Herefordshire Hakluyt Houses, Hakluyt Society Journal (January 2017, online)