Dr. Karin Kupperman

DR. KAREN KUPPERMAN, Emerita, New York University
Dr. Karen Kupperman

Topic: Knowledge-seeking through collaboration in Roanoke

Bio: Dr. Karen Ordahl Kupperman, who holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge University, is Silver Professor of History Emerita at New York University, where she created the program in Atlantic History designed to put Early America and its actors into a fuller context that includes coastal interactions as well as transatlantic.

Her book “Pocahontas and the English Boys: Caught Between Cultures in Early Virginia” was published by NYU Press in January 2019, along with a new edition of Henry Spelman’s “Relation of Virginia” from the original manuscript. The second edition of her “Roanoke: the abandoned colony” (1980) was published in 2007. “Indians and English: Facing Off in Early America” (Ithaca, 2000), won the American Historical Association’s Prize in Atlantic History.