OBX History Weekend, Searchers of New Horizons Day 3 Modern Aviators & 'Lost Colony' Archaeological Tours, Saturday April 2

Saturday, April 2nd, Day 4 of OBX History Weekend 2022 is the 3rd and final day of the Searchers of New Horizons Symposium.

The Symposium location on Saturday is in the Gazebo Theatre at Fort Raleigh.

Reservations are strongly suggested. Sign up here.

Aviators – Those Magnificent Men & Women and their Flying Machines

Presentations are public-oriented and focus on popular names in aviation history.

  • Wilbur and Orville Wright, two young brothers from Dayton, Ohio, came to the Outer Banks in pursuit of their dream and changed the world. Symposium presentations will focus on their remarkable quest as well as the role of their sister Katharine and their family life aided in their pursuit and final success.
  • Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo, came to Kill Devil Hills for the 25th Anniversary of the first powered flight to be in touch with her muse, as she and Orville Wright commemorated the pioneering achievement at the site. In 1937, Amelia set out on the quest to fly around the world—and almost made it—but what really happened?
  • Kill Devil Hill has retained its inspirational magic throughout the years, as modern aviators have stopped by to be strengthened at the source, before pursuing their own challenge.
    • Chuck Yeager and many other aviators have been to the site.
    • Francis Rogallo and his wife actually moved to the area.

The symposium will introduce or re-introduce some of the modern aviators who have followed a similar quest in the modern world of aviation.

Presentations on aviators by authorities in their field include:

Paul Carr as Wilbur Wright, “The Spirit of Wilbur Wright” will be attending OBX History Weekend 2022.
Paul Carr—Dressed as Wilbur Wright

No photo available
Darrell Collins — Wright Brothers 'Storyteller'

Dr. Tom Crouch, Emeritus Curator Smithsonian Air & Space
Dr. Thomas Crouch, Emeritus Director of Air & Space, Smithsonian. Presents twice: Amelia Earhart & Modern Aviators

Ann C. Honious, NPS Historian [ Katharine Wright Authority]

Billy Vaughn, dressed for hang-gliding, is currently researching archives for his forthcoming biography of Francis Rogallo
Billy Vaughn—[dressed for hang-gliding] is currently researching archives for his forthcoming biography of Francis Rogallo

Vintage Aircraft Fly-Over Finale

OBX History Weekend: Searchers of New Horizons closes mid-afternoon with a fly-over finale of Vintage Aircraft.

Planes will be visible from the air at Wright Brothers National Memorial and from The Lost Colony Waterside Theatre at Fort Raleigh. Narrations at both locations.

No reservations are required for the fly-over.

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