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Identity of Roanoke Leader Discovered

The 2017 (96.3) issue of the prestigious North Carolina Historical Review contains an article by FCF researcher Eric Klingelhofer, now Emeritus Professor of History at Mercer University. The article tracks down the identity of Captain Edward Stafford, one of Lane’s senior officers in 1585-6 and the captain of the pinnace accompanying John White’s settlers in 1587.

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Lost Colony Site X Presentation

Roanoke Symposium Success

First Colony Foundation, in partnership with the local historical and theatrical group, Elizabeth R & Company, held a symposium in Manteo, October 27-28, to present recent research on the Roanoke colonies and mount an exhibit of Renaissance artifacts, Elizabethan costumes, and locally produced reproductions.

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Elizabethan Pottery Restored

In June 2016, NPS archaeologists and First Colony Foundation’s Eric Deetz located Elizabethan pottery in a salvage excavation on an eroding bluff 400 yards northeast of the Fort Raleigh earthwork.

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