Latest Dig Yields New Clues at Fort Raleigh Historic Site

Archaeologists this week unearthed further evidence of late 16th century English activity near reconstructed earthworks at the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, although the discoveries — mostly fragments and shadows in dirt layers — are incremental details that will inform the First Colony Foundation’s meticulous effort to reconstruct a significant science laboratory discovered decades ago.

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Volunteers digging at Site Y in Bertie County, NC, where they find Roanoke Colony Period artifacts.

Albemarle Sound Erosion Poses Risks to Potential Lost Colony Artifacts

Sections of the west bank of Albemarle Sound are undergoing heavy erosion, including the location of First Colony Foundation’s Site Y on the bluff at the Bertie County Beach Facility. To salvage what information could be saved from future erosion, FCF planned to examine in 2021 a 200’ by 25’ area along the edge of the bluff. Its first phase focused on an area where Roanoke Colony Period artifacts had been located.

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